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Three Green Night Lights – up close and personal

January 16, 2009

As promised, here are some individual photos of the green night lights (some with the lights on):

nightlight-green-nuggets-in-center-daytime-1-14-2009 nightlight-green-cathedral-with-green-sides-1-14-2009 nightlight-green-nuggets-in-center-lighted-1-14-2009nightlight-green-cathedral-with-bevels-1-14-20091


Three Green Night Lights

January 14, 2009

I’ve started adding the category ‘health’ to these posts about stained glass. It’s all about health for me. It’s relaxing. It takes away stress. It brings satisfaction and happiness.

I started these green night lights sometime in the past few days. It could have even been last week. But, tonight was the night I soldered the pieces, cleaned them, waxed them and attached them to the night lights.

I wanted to post photos of all three night lights with the light shining through, but my camera batteries died just at that moment. After they recharge, I’ll try again to take photos of these three new green night lights.



Making My First Night Light

December 31, 2008

Now I can see why I lost my sense of calm and peace of mind. I’ve not worked with glass since June 2008.

I’ve been feeling overly stressed, exceedingly tired and very sad lately. My life is much too busy (all my doing), and much too stressful (some is my doing). Yesterday evening, I decided to take a few minutes and just LOOK at the pieces of glass I have waiting to be made into something.

Looking at the glass. Feeling the texure.

I took out the pieces of glass and looked at each piece of glass, one at a time. I held each one up to the light to see how it looked with light shining through.

“Nightlights are easy enough,” I thought.

I have a handful of night lights and metal bands that connect the glass to the part that holds the bulb and plugs into the wall. I decided to make a little nightlight. It would be simple enough.

Red Granite and Bevels

I cut a small piece of red granite glass, equal to the size of the bevels I had, and put them all together.

A Spark of Happiness

It’s not perfect. It’s my first one.  It’s a very simple design. And, the bevels are scratched. I knew that when I started. It was just a practice piece. But, just doing it felt wonderful. I don’t FEEL wonderful, but working with the glass allowed me to feel that spark  of happiness that will help me get back to myself and generally good state of happiness and well-being.

Work With Glass Every Day?

I’m pretty sure I won’t do that. I keep myself too busy. But, I do know that doing something creative keeps me at my best. It makes me happy from the inside out.

Two views of my first night light

It looks better in person. But, this will give an idea of what it looks like.



Making My Heart Happy: Feeling Sad and Making My First Night Light

Rainbows, Sunlight and Blue Water

October 9, 2007

RainbowWaterglassBevels by the Pool

I took this picture 10 days ago by a friend’s pool. I am still marveling at the beauty of colored glass between sunlight and water.

(Click the photo to see a larger, prettier view. I’m glad my teacher pushed me into making this piece. I never tire of looking at it and looking for new ways to view it.)

Deb’s House Concerts

Rainbow Colors and Bevels in the Morning Sun

June 18, 2007

Stained Glass by Deborah Hord 2007

Rainbow colored ‘water glass’, 4 bevels, straight-line cuts, copper foil method\

Deb’s House Concerts

Simply Stated

June 18, 2007

My First Stained Glass Piece - completed Jan 29 2007

5 colors, 2 piecs of each color, rectangles and squares, copper foil method

Deb’s House Concerts

There’s a prettier photo blow. Click ‘Read the rest of the entry’.