Pursuing the Happiness Factor


That Spark of Joy That Comes From Creating Something

I wrote the other day about wanting to find the happiness in the midst of a difficult time, and of that spark of joy I feel when I create something. That day I decided to make a night light, my first one, simply because it seemed like something I could do quickly. I wanted to do something that would give me a bit of the joy I feel when I create.

The Joy From Creating This Week Is A Bonus

The external factors in my life this week are much happier than those I experienced recently. So this week, when I began a new stained glass nightlight, the spark of joy was a bonus. This week, I have had much to be happy about and much to be grateful for. The spark of joy from creating is a bonus, but it is still a joy.

I made this night light for my sister for her birthday.

I’ve not given it to her yet, but she does not read this blog, so I feel pretty safe in posting it! ;) I don’t think she’ll see it before I give it to her (at a future date).

The front is a thick milky-blue cathedral glass. (If I’ve described this incorrectly, someone feel free to say so.) The corners are small clear glass pebbles (again, I should run this by someone to be sure I’m saying the correct words). They’re flat on the back and rounded on the front, and they’re not uniform in shape or size. The side panels are purple with no other color. They’re just colored glass with no special texture, and the color is light enough that the bulb can be easily seen through the glass.





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